A Simple C++ Cheat

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Below you can see the features of our product


Our product is totally made in C ++ so it is fast, good and safe


We always try to maintain the maximum undetectability of our product

Easy to use

Our product is totally easy and simple to use to make our customer comfortable


We offer the best support to our customers 24/7 because we love them

Sleek Design

We prioritize an attractive and adaptable design for any taste of our client


The safety of our customer is the most important issue for us and we will always prioritize this


Below you can see the prices of our products

  • Lifetime

  • C++
  • Undetected
  • Lifetime
  • Secure
  • Support 24/7

Supported Versions

Below you can see which versions we accept

Badlion Client

Clicker and Reach

Forge 1.8.9/1.7.10

Clicker and Reach

Lunar Client



Clicker and Reach


Below you can see the videos of our product


Below you can see frequently asked questions

Q. Authentication not working, why?

A. Exit programs such as Windows Defender, Firewall, Bullguard

Q. My HWID doesn't match

A. Request a HWID reset in our discord and supply the reason to why you want your HWID changed, and why it was changed ex. "Reset PC".

Q. Can I get my account unbanned?

A. If we feel that you deserve a pardon, we will discuss with the rest of our team and potentially unban you